Industrial Engineering, being offspring of the industrial revolution as well as the information revolution, is one of the rising stars of our times.  Although the popularity of the profession is a global phenomenon, it is even more pronounced in Turkey.  Since the graduates of quality Industrial Engineering Departments are in great demand, there is a growing need for researchers and academics.

The goal of our M.S. program is to equip our students with the ability to follow the state-of-the-art knowledge, as well as the ability to use this knowledge in a real life engineering context.  To this end, we provide them a rigorous education on production and service processes and on mathematical and computer tools to analyze, design and control these processes.   Our M.S. program also constitutes an academic preparation for a Ph.D. degree in Industrial Engineering.

Our Ph.D. program aims to raise the next generation of researchers and academics in the field of Industrial Engineering.  Our Ph.D. graduates would also be well positioned to provide the much-needed link between academia and the industry contributing to the competitiveness of Turkish Industry.